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Exposing the TRUE COST of Rupaul's Drag Race

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Mark Shannon
Mark Shannon
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Exposing the TRUE COST of Rupaul's Drag Race
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What does it cost to compete on Rupaul's Drag Race? Today we’ll be exposing exactly how much money it takes to compete on Rupaul's Drag Race by looking into how much queens like Bob, Trinity, Cracker, Yvie, Sasha, Aquaria, Monique Heart, Dusty Ray Bottoms, and Honey Davenport and Gottmik spent to compete, looking at the runway looks their budget bought them and addressing topics like: how can a queen possibly spend $20,000 on runways? Is drag race turning into a competition where only those with money can succeed? How much does one drag queen outfit cost? And is Rupaul's Drag Race Worth It?

To address all of this, we'll be taking a look at how much drag race outfits cost, how many outfits were needed on a a season by season basis, and creating some fun charts!

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00:00 Rupaul's Drag Race: The True Cost
1:57 20,000 Runway Looks? Really?
2:20 How much does one Drag Race Look cost?
3:43 Runways: Three Types of Queens
4:21 How much do Drag Race Queen wigs cost?
5:21 How many outfits are needed for filming Drag Race?
6:02 Comparing outfits needed across Drag Race Seasons
7:13 Comparing outfits needed across Drag Race: All Stars Seasons
7:40 Crafty, Budget, and Fancy Queen Outfit Cost by Season
9:22 Cost of Shannel's Drag Race Season 1 Runways?
9:54 Cost of Bob the Drag Queen's Season 8 Runways?
10:19 Cost of Kim Chi's Drag Race Season 8 Runways?
10:32 Cost of Trinity's Drag Race Season 9 Runways/Looks?
10:56 Cost of Sasha Velour's Drag Race Season 9 Runways/Looks?
11:24 Cost of Miz Cracker's Drag Race Season 10 Runways/Looks?
12:06 Cost of Kameron Michaels Drag Race Season 10 Runways/Looks?
12:30 Cost of Dusty Ray Bottoms' Drag Race Season 10 runways/looks?
12:52 Cost of Monique Heart's Season 10 runways/looks?
13:10 Cost of Aquaria's season 10 runways runways/looks?
13:35 Cost of Yvie Oddly's season 11 runways?
13:57 Cost of Honey Davenport's season 11 runways?
14:20 Cost of Heidi N' Closet's Season 12 Runways?
14:42 Cost of Jaida Essence Hall's Season 12 Runways and looks?
14:58 Cost of Gottmik's Season 13 Runways and looks?
16:21 Trinity Taylor's AS4 & Aja's AS3 Runways Cost
16:41 The Sad Story of Farrah Moan on All Stars 4
16:57 Rupaul's Drag Race True Cost by Queen Chart
17:16 Rupaul's Drag Race: Too Expensive?
18:14 Do Drag Race Contestants get Paid?
18:43 Is Drag Race Worth It?
19:48 Patreon Shoutouts

Vice: Shantay You Pay - What does it cost to go on Rupaul's Drag Race?

Interview with Trinity on Drag Race Prep Costs:

Miz Cracker on Monique's Fabrics:
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZmnvJlGq-d0 (~5min)

Mic Article with Miss Fame, Alyssa Edwards, Shangela, and Katya:

AJA's Depop:


Rupaul's $10,000 Gown Interview

Honey Davenport on Yuhua Hamasaki Bootleg Opinions S11 E3:

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