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Canada vs The World Cast: Fans Are Confused... | Hot or Rot?

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Mark Shannon
Mark Shannon
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Canada vs The World Cast: Fans Are Confused... | Hot or Rot?

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The official Meet the Queens of Canada's Drag Race vs The World has been announced but fans are confused at the cast list. Icesis Couture just won, Rita Baga is going to be a judge, and we just saw Rajah and Silky on All Stars 6 - didn't we? And why is Victoria Scone here and not on Drag race UK Season 4? Today, we look for a fresh perspective on the "vs the world" drag race seasons and explain why the cast of CDR vs The World makes sense. We also look at some tweets from Icesis Couture defending her casting directly.

The entire cast of Canada's Drag Race vs The World includes Icesis Couture (Canada's Drag Race 2 - Winner), Silky Nutmeg Ganache (Drag Race Season 11, All Stars 6), Victoria Scone (Drag Race UK 3), Anita Wigl'it (Drag Race Down Under), Rajah Ohara (Drag Race Season 11, All Stars 6), Vanity Milan (Drag Race UK 3), Kendall Gender (Canada's Drag Race 2), Stephanie Prince (Canada's Drag Race 2), Rita Baga (Canada's Drag Race 1 & Drag Race Belgium). Brooke Lynn Hytes, Traci Melchor, and Brad Goreski will be hosting the inaugural Canada vs The World season premiering November 18, 2022.

Rose Roby

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00:00 Canada's Drag Race vs. The World Meet The Queens | Hot or Rot?
00:10 Let's Give Canada vs The World a Fair Chance
03:13 Silky Nutmeg Ganache - Again?
05:03 Rita Baga - Drag Race Belgium Judge
06:37 Stephanie Prince - Icesis Just Beat Her?
07:28 Kendall Gender - Icesis Just Beat Her Too?
08:48 Anita Wigl’it - Drag Race Down Under
09:44 Rajah & Silky Casting Controversy
11:00 Rajah O’Hara - Again?
11:26 Vanity Milan - Lip Sync Assassin
12:17 Icesis Couture Defends Casting
14:12 Why Victoria Scone Isn't on UK 4
16:13 Final Thoughts on Promo & Casting
16:50 Hottest Hots & Patron Shoutouts

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