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Mark Shannon
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Canada vs The World Cast: Fans Are Confused... | Hot or Rot?


The official Meet the Queens of Canada's Drag Race vs The World has been announced but fans are confused at the cast list. Icesis Couture just won, Rita Baga is going to be a judge, and we just saw Rajah and Silky on All Stars 6 - didn't we? And why is Victoria Scone here and not on Drag race UK Season 4? Today, we look for a fresh perspective on the "vs the world" drag race seasons and explain why the cast of CDR vs The World makes sense. We also look at some tweets from Icesis Couture defending her casting directly.

The entire cast of Canada's Drag Race vs The World includes Icesis Couture (Canada's Drag Race 2 - Winner), Silky Nutmeg Ganache (Drag Race Season 11, All Stars 6), Victoria Scone (Drag Race UK 3), Anita Wigl'it (Drag Race Down Under), Rajah Ohara (Drag Race Season 11, All Stars 6), Vanity Milan (Drag Race UK 3), Kendall Gender (Canada's Drag Race 2), Stephanie Prince (Canada's Drag Race 2), Rita Baga (Canada's Drag Race 1 & Drag Race Belgium). Brooke Lynn Hytes, Traci Melchor, and Brad Goreski will be hosting the inaugural Canada vs The World season premiering November 18, 2022.

Rose Roby

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00:00 Canada's Drag Race vs. The World Meet The Queens | Hot or Rot?
00:10 Let's Give Canada vs The World a Fair Chance
03:13 Silky Nutmeg Ganache - Again?
05:03 Rita Baga - Drag Race Belgium Judge
06:37 Stephanie Prince - Icesis Just Beat Her?
07:28 Kendall Gender - Icesis Just Beat Her Too?
08:48 Anita Wigl’it - Drag Race Down Under
09:44 Rajah & Silky Casting Controversy
11:00 Rajah O’Hara - Again?
11:26 Vanity Milan - Lip Sync Assassin
12:17 Icesis Couture Defends Casting
14:12 Why Victoria Scone Isn't on UK 4
16:13 Final Thoughts on Promo & Casting
16:50 Hottest Hots & Patron Shoutouts

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Mark Shannon
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Onewheel techs have the new tilt feature and wren has brought it to the float life to show off the future of movement on onewheels

Mark Shannon
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Y.A.S. - Official Lyric Video by Todrick Hall.
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Mark Shannon
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@Brittany_Broski dropped in to pay homage to the talented Jojo Siwa with a transformation video!

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Mark Shannon
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Drag Race has blessed many queer creatives with the opporunity to showcase their talent on to a larger platform. One prime example of this is the Milwuakee Malibu Barbie and skinny legend herself, Trixie Mattel. In this video, we will be talking about the early hardships she’s had to go through during her early childhood, her career as a drag queen before drag race, her commercial success after drag race, and how she worked her padded ass to become one of the most mainstream and well known queens to come out of drag race.

#trixiemattel #rpdr #rupaulsdragrace

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Blondd and her igloo full of puppies

Mark Shannon
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Mark Shannon
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We start at part 5 because, well, it’s been crazy and I couldn’t find the other clips. So we start somewhere in the middle. Please walk with me on this 40 year journey to quit smoking cigarettes in 2023.

Mark Shannon
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I love watching the construction nearby. I get mesmerized at the progress step by step these get built in a growing city such as Oakland California
#Building #buildings #buildingbuildings #oakland #eastbay

Mark Shannon
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Hang with us at C8 Studio in Fairfield, CA and record your demo for under $100.

Mark Shannon
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We Are Martian Creative promotional video 2020

Mark Shannon
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Meet The Music with Misa Malone and The Misa Malone Project. See them live at CRE8ICON Saturday October 30, 2021 @ Martian Creative Gardens.

Mark Shannon
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Surprises the little ones popping in and learning about the doggydoor

Mark Shannon
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Hey everyone MartianProductions is here to help you find your creating content for your company brand or idea. Visit the for my onewheel products.

The onewheelry, freestyle fun hour episode 1

I make this for everyone. It’s long and only the first section has my rhymes. These were off the top of the head and Edited together all on an iPhone X max using the Videoleap app.

Hello world!

While heading out to get food, I come to realize that the order was made for the champa garden in San Francisco. So what would you do with 20 minutes to spare?

Onewheel with the dogs!

Made a little something that was totally free style and off the top of the head, (not all one take) proud of it but it for a free style.. my first time putting this out be kind!

Peace and kindness! Thanks for checking this out.

Mark Shannon
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Drone Day 1

Immediately got the MartianDrone stuck in a tree. It took less than 5 minutes!

Luckily it was all perfect with minor scratches and no breaks!

I realize now that the drone could have been sick much higher in the tree and I only have a shoes 3 step ladder.. I am so lucky and now in a much better focus.

DJI Air2

Mark Shannon
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Lemon tree re planted and trying

Mark Shannon
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Melissa and her fellow astronauts save the Martian (Matt Damon)

Mark Shannon
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Thank you all for joining us. Get ready for Next Year!

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